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The Color Shack specializes in creating high-end signs. Whether you require a small, 2 dimensional screen-printed sign or a large 3 dimensional steel and wood sign, you will be proud to have one of our signs represent your business. We can also help with the installation of your finished piece.



The Color Shack can help make your retail, office or gathering space unique and

inviting. Our custom tailored finishes, lighting, shelving and details will make your space a one of a kind place. The Color Shack works with you to create the kind of

environment you envision.



The Color Shack takes trophies from being generic or humdrum to being prizes in themselves. We can fabricate 
individualized, event specific awards for multiple participants or single winners.


Custom Fabrication

The Color Shack has the hands on expertise and equipment to fabricate
metal items ranging from hand hammered copper and brass originals to welded and machined precision parts. Visit us with your ideas, which
we can bring to life, utilizing years of practical experience.


Screen Printing

With over 30 years of industrial screen- printing experience, the Color Shack can print your fine art work or your logo onto paper or any substrate (excluding textile).You can be confident the results will meet your standards of excellence.


Custom Paint

Whether you need a painted prototype or a full motorcycle paint job, you will
be pleased with our results. The Color Shack strives for perfection in its paint, from matching custom colors to achieving the ideal finished surface.


Custom Motorcycles

Harnessing our passion for motorcycles, we can help make
yours a singular ride by adding our custom made parts or giving it an impeccable paint job.


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