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Color Shack

Gary Blodgett/ 
the heart & soul of Color Shack

Gary Blodgett, sole proprietor of the Color Shack, was born and raised in Newport, New Hampshire, where he first became interested in art by watching his father draw. During high school, his favorite classes were metal shop and art, where he was encouraged to pursue his own project ideas. Gary enjoyed modifying bicycles, then progressed to riding and working on motorcycles. Gary's other passion was alpine skiing. Gary moved to Boston in his 20s, where he studied graphic design at his father's alma mater, the New England School of Art and Design. While residing in Boston, he worked for a small family owned commercial screen printing shop on Newbury Street, before leaving to work for an establishment in Boston’s South End where he became a member of the Screen-printers and Sign-painters Union.

In 1986, Gary won a Massachusetts Artists Foundation grant for his sculptural paintings.

In 1988, recently married, Gary moved to Burlington, Vermont to run a small commercial screen-printing operation. After a few years, Gary moved on to work for a sign maker on Pine Street in Burlington.


In 1995, Gary started his own fabrication business in Huntington, Vermont. From this same location, The Color Shack has completed projects for clients ranging from Honda Motor Corporation to the local horse farmer. 


Gary has resided in Huntington, Vermont since 1989, where he has raised a son and many pets with his wife Ruth. Gary still retains the interests of his youth: art, skiing and motorcycles.

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