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The eye of an artist,

The hand of a craftsman,

and the pride of a perfectionist...


...All come together at Color Shack

Color Shack is a full-service fabrication and design shop

Color Shack has been in business since 1995 at our current Huntington, Vermont location. We take pride in offering a full spectrum of services so that all of your display needs can be taken care of right here.


We offer silkscreen printing, custom spray painting, welding of most metals and fabrication with metal, wood, plastics, fabrics or whatever else you dream up. We also have sources to offer water jet cutting, powder coating and machining.


No quantity is too large or too small. We excel at producing one of a kind displays, or manufacturing multiple pieces with the same attention to detail...Oh yeah, we build custom motorcycles too!



”What sets Gary and Color Shack apart from others is his refined aesthetic sense and his attention to detail and quality—not only in the interpretation and execution of ideas and designs for his clients, but in his own work as well. 
He's a stickler in the best of ways.”

 — Bill Harvey, Harvey|Severance

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